News Item: Rule Change Proposal and Comment Period Begins
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Posted by MarkB
Friday 10 March 2023 - 16:39:19

The floor is now open for proposed rule changes. if you would like to submit a proposed KRFL Rule Book change, create a NEW discussion thread in the 2023 League Business forum

Each proposal MUST use the following format:
- Current Rule: List the section number of the current Rule Book. If new, state “new".
- Proposed Change: List the specific language of the change you would like to make to a current rule. Highlight the differences from the current rule.
- Explanation/Justification: Explain/justify why you feel this change/new rule is needed.

Please note that league rules state any proposed change must get the support of three other owners before it will be put before the membership for a vote.

The current rules can be found at

Proposals and comments can be made until March 25, but as noted above, require three other owners to support it before it will be put to a vote. Then the following schedule will be adhered to:
-March 26-April 1: Every KRFL member is required to vote on each amendment before 8 pm eastern Saturday, April 1.
-Sunday April 2 – Ballot results of the ballot are posted. The updated league Rule Book will be posted to the site shortly thereafter.
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