News Item: Announcing the KRFL Hall of Fame
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Posted by MarkB
Sunday 19 February 2023 - 15:53:26

Jeff Paulson had the idea that a league that has been in existence 22 seasons should have a Hall of Fame. I concur. I don't think many (any?) leagues do this, so it will continue to make KRFL the unique league it is.

With Jeff doing most of the work, we've generated a list of the nominees by position to be voted on for the inaugural class of KRFL Hall of Fame Inductees. A KRFL Hall of Fame committee was created with the members being those coaches who have coached in at least 200 KRFL regular season games. Those 11 coaches voted on the slate of nominees for the inaugural class of inductees. A players needed to be named on at least 75% of the ballots to gain induction into the KRFL Hall of Fame.

The voting is complete and the inaugural class of the KRFL Hall of Fame has been elected. A total of 17 players have been elected, including four elected by unanimous vote. Those four who appeared on all 11 ballots are:
- Five Time KRFL Champion QB Peyton Manning
- Four Time KRFL Champion CB Charles Woodson
- Three Time KRFL Champion TE Tony Gonzalez
- One Time KRFL Champion OL Alan Faneca

The complete list of inductees and the vote results can be found on the league home page under "League Info" in the upper left hand corner or via

A big Thank You to Jeff Paulson and all the voting members of the committee for making this happen. We will make this an annual event.

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