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Posted by MarkB
Thursday 09 February 2023 - 19:02:09

The 2023 Season Roll Call is complete. All coaches are returning except Ed Minshull who decided to step away citing lack of time to continue. Ed was a coach for 14 seasons and complied a 122-102 regular season record. Ed's Seattle Grunge team will be taken over by Brian Potrafka. Brian has decided to move the team to Las Vegas to become the Las Vegas Raiders. Welcome to KRFL Brian!

Next up on the league agenda is requests for divisional / conference realignment. By league rule, the assignment of teams to a conference or division will, when possible, be based upon the geographic location of the owners to make scheduling games easier by grouping teams according to time zone. Realignment, if necessary, will take place every three years at the discretion of the League Office. This was last done for the 2020 season, so the 2023 season is a "realignment" season. If any team is having issues scheduling games because of time zones and would like to be considered for moving to a different division or conference, please send me a request to move and the reasons for the request. Be specific and understand your request may not be granted.

Beyond that, the KRFL Hall of Fame is still a work in process, so stay tuned.......

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