KRFL - a football simulation league


Q: When do I have to sign a player to a contract? A: At the end of a player's
option year.

Q: When is a player's option year? A: A player's option year begins the year he is
first drafted in the KRFL free agent draft or the year following his selection in the
rookie draft.

Q: What is the purpose of signing a player to a long-term contract? A: To ensure
that player will be yours for as many years as you'd like.

Q: Why not just sign a player to a bunch of one-year deals? A: Because players must
return to the draft pool once their contracts expire. If you sign a player for only one
year, you will lose him at the end of that year.

Q: What happens if I sign a player to a long-term contract, then he completely sucks
after the first year?
A: In most cases, you're stuck with him and his contract.

Q: In what cases would I not be stuck with him?

A: There are three ways you can void a player's contract:

a) if you're a new owner to the league and you have inherited a contract from the previous
owner which you find distasteful,

b) if you pay a fine equally half of the player's salary for the duration of his contract,

c) if the player under contract has a Durability (DUR) rating of 3 or less for the given season on the

Q: Do I HAVE to release a player if he he has a Durability rating of 3 or less in the given
season on the disk ?
A: No.

Q: This contract system seems a little complicated. Is there an easy way for me to
track the salaries and contracts of all my players over several years?
A: Yes. A
contracts spreadsheet is posted on the webpage under "League Files". Click on it, download it and view it in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs or similar programs.


Q: What is the salary of players picked up as free agents? A: It depends. If the
free agent is under contract or is playing under an initial salary, the team picking him
up inherits the contract and/or salary. If the player is picked up and added directly to
the rookie squad, his salary would be 100,000. And if the player is picked up and added to
the 50-man roster, his salary would be $500,000.

Q: Let's say I have the worst record in the KRFL. What's to stop me from dumping the
$10 million player I just picked up in the draft and picking him up at the next
transaction deadline for $500,000?
A: Because players retain their salary and/or
contract status until the end of the year.


Q: How many players do I have to protect? A: A minimum of 22 players with a
combined salary of no more than 70 million.

Q: What if I can't find 22 players worthy of protecting? A: You can either find
some that are, or pay a $1 million penalty for every player under 22.

Q: What if all my contracts expire at the same time and I'm only left with 21 players?A: Either make a 2-for-1 trade, pay the penalty, or tier your contracts in such a way as
to make sure all your contracts don't expire at once.


Q: Who is eligible to be drafted in the free agent draft? A: Any player on the
PC Action Football player disk who is not currently owned by any other team.

Q: Who is eligible for the rookie draft? A: Any player actually drafted in the NFL


Q: How many rounds is the free agent draft? A: The draft continues for as many
rounds as necessary until every team has 50 players.

Q: How do we conduct the free agent draft? A: Live or via forum or email.

Q: What if I can't make it for the draft? A: The free agent draft lasts for 14
hours a day, for 30 days. The rookie draft lasts for about 10 days, 14 hours a day. You
will have about a half-hour window to make your selections on the forum, and another one
or two-hour open window at the end of the day to catch-up, if you failed to make your
selection during the day. If you're going to miss a selection because of other duties, you
can get someone to make your selection for you, from a list you provide, or you can just
post your list for that day on the forum and your selection will be made for you from that
list. If you cannot make your selections for most or all of the time, let the commissioner
know, so he can fill your spot with another owner who can.

Q: How exactly does the draft work? A: The team with the worst record the previous
KRFL season drafts first, the team with the second worst record drafts second, and so on
until the Super Bowl winner drafts last. We do this for 10 rounds for the rookie draft,
and a minimum of 50 rounds for the Free Agent draft.


Q: Who is eligible to be acquired as a Waiver Claim free agent? A: Any player on
the disk who is not on any roster is eligible as a Waiver Claim free agent.

Q: How do I submit a waiver claim? A: Submit an e-mail detailing all necessary info
to the transaction secretary and the commissioner prior to the announced deadline.

Q: How is this selection conducted? A: Waiver Claims selection is conducted similar
to a draft, where the team with the worst record at that time gets the first choice of
free agents. This mini-draft continues from the team with the worst record to the team
with the best record and continues until every team has exhausted its picks (either run
out of free agents or players to release - whichever comes first.)

Q: So if my team has the worst record in the league, I get every player I want? A:
No, if you have the worst record, you get your first choice of player. After that, it
depends on whether the other players you want are selected by the teams drafting after you
in that round.

Q: What if two or more teams have the same record at the deadline? A: The
Transactions Secretary uses the tie-breaking rules outlined in the rulebook to determine
who gets first pick.

Q: What if my roster is full, can I still pick up waiver claim free agents? A: Yes,
but you'll have to release as many players as you'd like to pick up. These players would
be released in the order you indicate.

Q: Can I submit a waiver claim for a rookie free agent and add him to my rookie squad?No. Rookies must be acquired in the rookie draft. If not drafted, they can next be
acquired thru the free agent draft when they are included in the game.

Q: What if the Transaction Secretary makes a mistake? A: In the highly-unlikely
event that our Transactions Secretary makes an error, you have 24 hours from the time the
waiver claim transactions were reported to the league to contact the Transactions
Secretary. Once 24 hours passes, all waiver claims transactions are final.