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Next Season, would you prefer to have the Rookie Draft after the Free Agent Draft instead of before it?



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Tuesday 01 January 2019
KRFL Regular Season Complete. WildCard Playoff Games Due Tuesday 1/8/19 @ 10pm Eastern
by: MarkB - Tuesday 01 January 2019 - 15:24:50
The 2018 KRFL Regular Season is complete. The final regular season league file is available on the league website.

The Wildcard Playoff round league file has also been posted to the league website.

The Playoffs have been created using a Playoff Bracket system in the game.
This creates a NEW, SEPARATE league playoff file.
The playoff teams MUST (and anyone else who wants to follow along should) follow these steps, in this order:
1. Download the 2018 Final Regular Season league file from the league website.
2. Extract the 2018 Final Regular Season league files into your 2018 KRFL season folder, the same as you have done with the prior 16 weekly files.
3. Download 2018 KRFL Playoff league file from the league website.
4. Next you MUST got to "Setup", and "Install Season". Find the playoff file you downloaded and install it.
This will create a new folder on your computer for the playoff files. After this new folder is created, for the subsequent rounds of the playoffs, you only need to download and extract the PLAYOFF league files to that folder and NOT the regular season folder.

The first round of the playoffs games are:
The #4 seeds hosting the #5 seeds with the winners going to play the #2 seed next week.
The #3 seeds hosting the #6 seeds with the winner going on to play the #1 seed next week.
So this week's games are:
Atlanta @ Penn State
Kentucky @ Barcelona
Rolling Green @ Cleveland
New York @ Seattle
Good Luck to all the playoff teams.

To play a playoff game, click on "Play" in the title bar (Play is to the left next to Organize, Setup, Reports, Internet......)
Then click on "Playoffs"
Then click on "Playoff Bracket"
A new box will open with the playoff brackets.
Then click on "Play" next to the game to be played.
After the game is played, send the .XBX file and the boxscore to both me and the Google Group the same as you do during the regular season.

Any questions let me know.

Mark Blume
KRFL Commissioner

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