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Next Season, would you prefer to have the Rookie Draft after the Free Agent Draft instead of before it?



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Welcome to the KRFL website.
The Knute Rockne Football League was founded in 2001 by Jim Doyle, who served with distinction as our first commissioner thru mid-2003. The KRFL is a 24-team league that simulates the NFL using the Action PC Football game available from Dave Koch Sports ( We have our own rookie draft, our own free agency, and our own salary cap and player retention system. Our 24 members have many diverse interests, but they share one common bond, the love of NFL football. For further information or to apply for membership, contact the KRFL commissioner.


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Friday 05 July 2019
KRFL Roster Compliance
by: MarkB - Friday 05 July 2019 - 08:49:46
Based on my review, all team rosters are in compliance with KRFL rules except as follows:
BRX - Has only one QB. Two are required.
BLK - Does not have a Long Snapper

Before the season begins, these teams need to have their rosters in compliance by the start of the regular season games either by making a trade or signing a player in the pre-season waiver period one week before the start of the season

Thursday 04 July 2019
KRFL Update - Please Read
by: MarkB - Thursday 04 July 2019 - 10:50:36
The Free Agent Draft is complete. Thanks everyone for a smooth draft!!!!!!!

I've uploaded a league file and updated salary worksheet to the League Files section of the website. PLEASE review both for accuracy. And tell me immediately if you find any errors.
If I don't hear from you by July 18, I will assume both are correct.

I have not checked roster compliance, but will do so and alert any non-compliant teams. Roster requirements are in the league rules.

The trading period will open one week from today on July 11.
Free agent claims cannot be made until the week before the start of the regular season.
A reminder of the upcoming league schedule (the full calendar can be found on the league website.
July 11: Pre-season trading period open
July 18: Deadline to notify Commissioner of any roster or salary work sheet errors.
August 23: Preseason trading period closes
August 25-30: Preseason free agent claim period
September 1: Week #1 Coaches file due
September 3: Regular Season Begins
September 3: In-season trading period opens
October 1: In-season trading period closes

Tuesday 02 July 2019
KRFL CORRECTION - 5 Rounds Tomorrow
by: MarkB - Tuesday 02 July 2019 - 23:20:20
Correction. There will be FIVE Rounds on Wednesday.

Rounds 33-36. Then in Round 37
NEW YORK has SIX picks
NEWARK has FIVE picks
EDISON has FIVE picks.

I had missed Newark's picks in round 37. They have now been added.

Final Rounds of KRFL FA Draft Tomorrow
by: MarkB - Tuesday 02 July 2019 - 22:00:26
A new league file through Round 32 had been posted to the League Files section of the website.

Wednesday is FOUR more rounds at $0.100 million in salary. This will finish the draft. A couple of teams with have more than four picks.
Wednesday July 3 - Rounds 33-37. In Round 37 NEW YORK has SIX picks, ROLLING GREEN has FOUR picks, EDISON has FIVE picks.

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