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New Player Season Records Page
by: MarkB - Sunday 10 March 2019 - 12:39:59
Jeff Paulson spent many hours going through 18 seasons of league files (yes, KRFL has been around that long) and he created player season records lists. Jeff will be the first to tell your the Action PC Encyclopedia program in the football game is not very good (nothing like the baseball game). It does not allow for exporting information and it only allows certain fields to be condensed. None the less, Jeff spent many hours and did a fantastic job putting these lists together for us. THANK YOU JEFF!!!

You can find the lists by going to the league website and under the "League Info" box in the upper left hand corner, click on "Player Season Records"
Then when you are taken to that page, click on the words "Individual Player Season Records". You will be sent to a page with the record's categories.

The only new record in the 2018 season was Larry Fitgerald's 1,859 receiving yards for Cleveland.

Jeff's says his next project, which will take even more time, is to create lists of All-Time leaders in statistical categories. For example, the all-time leader in KRFL rushing yards is....... Frank Gore with 14,467.

Enjoy these and again Thank You so very much for doing this Jeff!

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